Birth/Baptismal Record for Jan LIPA Monday, Oct 30 2006 

Baptismal record of Jan Lipa

  • Jan LIPA was born on October 23, 1891 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • His father was Stanislaw LIPA of 255 Alexandrine, Detroit, son of Joannis (Jan).
  • His mother was Carolina NOWAK also of Detroit, daughter of Jozef.
  • He was baptized on October 26, 1891 at Sweetest Heart of Mary Church in Detroit.
  • The name of the presiding clergy is not given.
  • The godfather was Jozef OCHAB.
  • The godmother was Victoria MATYASIK.

Birth/Baptismal Record for Marianna LIPA Monday, Oct 30 2006 

Birth record of Marianna Lipa

  • Marianna LIPA was born on April 17, 1889 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Her father was Stanislaw LIPA of 255 Alexandrine, Detroit, son of Jan.
  • Her mother was Karolina NOWAK, daughter of Jozef.
  • The baptism occurred on April 19, 1889 at Sweetest Heart of Mary Church in Detroit.
  • The godfather was Wojciech SZCZEPANSKI.
  • The godmother was Ludwika LIPA.

What’s interesting to note here is that less than a year ago (May 1888) Stanislaw married Anna NOWAKOWSKA. But this birth record indicates the mother of his daughter is Karolina NOWAK. The difference in surnames is easily enough explained. “NOWAKOWSKA” is the feminine form of “NOWAK” and in Polish it would be written that way in records. The more puzzling thing is the difference in first names. When Marianna’s brother is born (in 1891) that record will show the mother as Karolina NOWAK as well suggesting that either the record keeper at St. Albertus was in error on the marriage record or the lady in question was given one name but was commonly called by another. I’ve found this sort of thing to be quite common in Poland but it makes for much confusion for genealogists.

Another interesting thing to note is the name of the godfather, Wojciech SZCZEPANSKI. One of the witnesses to the marriage of Stanislaw and Anna/Karolina was Adalbert SZCZEPANIK. One often finds the given names Wojciech/Adalbert interchangeable in Polish/American records suggesting that this could have been one and the same individual. Again, one wonders if the record keeper was in error at St. Albertus Church when they recorded the surname of the witness, (or at Sweetest Heart of Mary). I assume the godfather was also the witness at the marriage of Stanislaw and Anna/Karolina.

Ludwika LIPA being Marianna’s godmother is for me further evidence that Stanislaw LIPA was in some way related to Simon LIPA (husband of Ludwika LIPA).

Birth/Baptismal Record of Zofia LIPA Monday, Oct 30 2006 

Zofia Lipa Baptism

  • Zofia LIPA was born on January 7, 1888 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • She was baptized at St. Albertus Catholic Church on January 15, 1888 by Rev. Bronikowski.
  • Her father was Simon LIPA.
  • Her mother was Ludwika KNOT.
  • Her godfather was Stanislaus LIPA (believed to be related to Szymon, possibly a brother).
  • Her godmother was Katarzyna ZUREK.

Birth/Baptismal Record of Bolesław LIPA Tuesday, Oct 10 2006 

baptismal record for Boleslaw LIPA

  • Bolesław LIPA was born September 11, 1900 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • He was baptized on the same date at Sweetest Heart of Mary Church in Detroit, MI.
  • His parents were Simonis and Ludovicus LIPA.
  • His godparents were Joannes MOROPISKI (sp?) and Josephine NOWC.

**Note: The record has a signature but I can’t make it out. It could be the name of the priest who performed the baptism or the name of the person making the record.

Birth/Baptismal Record for Anna LIPA Tuesday, Oct 10 2006 

baptism record for Anna Lipa

  • Annam (Anna) LIPA was born on Tertia Decima Junii (June 13, 1891) in Detroit, MI.
  • Anna’s father was Simone LIPA, son of Joannis (Jan) LIPA, of 57 Superior Street, Detroit.
  • Anna’s mother was originally listed as “Sophia Walusz, son of Thomas”: but then the record was corrected at a later date to read  “Ludwika KNOT, conforms to others”, also of Detroit.
  • Anna’s godparents were Adalbertus ZURKOWSKI and Marianna SCHWABSKA.

**Note: I can only assume that someone pointed out that Szymon LIPA was married to Ludwika KNOT and not Sophia WALUSZ and that is why the record was changed, obviously at a later date.

Birth/Baptismal Record for Francis LIPA Tuesday, Oct 10 2006 

baptismal record for Francis LIPA

  • Francis LIPA was born December 30, 1898 in Detroit, MI.
  • Francis was baptized at Sweetest Heart of Mary Church in Detroit on January 1, 1899.
  • Francis’ father was Simon LIPA.
  • Francis’ mother was Ludvica KNOT.
  • Francis’ godparents were Carol MLECZKO and Maryanna SCHWABSKA.

Birth/Baptismal Record of Karolina L. LIPA Tuesday, Oct 10 2006 

baptismal record for Karolina Lipa

  • Karolina LIPA was born Pierwszego Sierpnia (August 1, 1889) in Detroit, MI.
  • Karolina was baptized August 11, 1889 at Sweetest Heart of Mary Church in Detroit.
  • Karolina’s father was Szymon LIPA, son of Jan LIPA, of 75 Superior Steet in Detroit.
  • Karolina’s mother was Ludwika (KNOTT) LIPA, daughter of Szymon (KNOTT) also of Detroit.
  • Karolina’s godparents were Józef CICHON and Karolina NOWAK.

**Note: The address number was transposed and written as 75 Superior when it is actually 57 Superior.

**Note: There is no mention of the priest who performed the baptism but since Fr. Dominik Kolasiński was the pastor of the church at the time and there were no other priests known to be affiliated with the fledgling parish, it is believed that he was the presiding priest.

Birth/Baptismal Record of Szymon LIPA Tuesday, Oct 10 2006 

birth record of Szymon Lipa

This is a photograph (from microfilm) of the birth/baptismal record of Szymon LIPA. The original record is from the parish of Nagoszyn, Poland. The records were originally from the Tarnów Diocesan Archives and were filmed in 1973 by the LDS (film #1960045). Szymon was born at home in Bobrowa, Poland but that village doesn’t have it’s own church. Villagers belonged to the parish in Nagoszyn. The wooden church that existed at that time in Nagoszyn had been built in 1790 and dedicated to Saint Barbara. The church in Nagoszyn had been a branch church belonging to the parish of Przeclaw until 1862, when it assumed parish status in its own right. The GPS coordinates for the village of Bobrowa, Poland are: 50 07 : 21 26′
From this record we know that:

  • Szymon LIPA was born October 2, 1842 in house #50 in the village of Bobrowa, Poland.
  • Szymon was a male child baptized Catholic.
  • Szymon was the legitimate son of Joannes (Jan) LIPA son of Szymon LIPA and Regina GRZYBOW, their occupation was “rusticus” (farmer).
  • Szymon’s mother was Sophia, daughter of Joannes (Jan) ŁANUCHA and Maria (nata KOWAL), their occupation was “rusticus” (farmer).
  • The midwife attending the birth of Szymon LIPA was Maria KITRYSKA.
  • The godparents were Mathias SKOWRON (“inquilis”, farmer) and Joannes (Jan) GRZYB and his wife Anna (“hortulas”, farmer).
  • The priest who baptized Szymon LIPA was Ks Joannes Ksigrek.

**Note: I know that the terms “rusticus”, “inquilis”, and “hortulas” are terms describing farmers but I can’t put my fingers on an explanation of how they differ. Need to look this up.

Baptismal Record for Sophia LIPA Thursday, Oct 5 2006 

Here we have the baptismal record for Sophia LIPA from the St. Albertus Catholic Church in Detroit, Michigan.

Baptismal Record for Sophia LIPA

From this record we know that:

  • Sophia LIPA was born January 7, 1888 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Her father was Simon LIPA who lived in Detroit.
  • Her mother was Ludwika KNOT who lived in Detroit.
  • Sophia was baptized on January 15, 1888.
  • Her godparents were Stanislaus LIPA and zurek (wife?) Katarzyna.
  • She was baptized by Rev. Bronikowski.

Baptismal Record of Jan (John) LIPA Thursday, Oct 5 2006 

Jan LIPA was the first born son of Szymon and Ludwika LIPA. Here we have his baptismal record from the St. Albertus Catholic Church baptismal registry.

Baptismal Record of Jan (John) LIPA

From this record we know that:

  • On January 26, 1886 Joannim (Latin for Jan or John) LIPA was born in Detroit, MI.
  • His father was Simon LIPA who lives in Detroit.
  • His mother was Ludwika KITRYS who lives in Detroit.
  • He was baptized on January 31, 1886.
  • His godparents were Joseph SZWABS (? not sure of the spelling) and Catharine KLATT.
  • He was baptized by the Rev. Jaworski

** A note: the mother’s name is in error. It should read Ludwika KNOT, not Ludwika KITRYS.

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