[Disclaimer statement] The information in this post was taken from Polish Detroit and the Kolasinski Affair by Lawrence D. Orton. In some cases the text was copied from the book, but most of it was paraphrased by me. You should not assume any information you find here is true. These are my working notes for a novel (a work of fiction) that I am writing and nothing more. If you want good, solid, well researched information on the subjects mentioned here you should get a copy of Polish Detroit and the Kolasinski Affair by Lawrence D. Orton (ISBN 0814316719 Wayne State Univ Pr (1981)). [End of statement]


February 1, 1897 SHM church was put up for sale. A Canadian agent proposed a refinance plan and the church was given a 30 day injunction. But he couldn’t come through with the arrangement.

March 4, 1897 The church was sold at auction to the attorneys for the American Savings Bank for $40,000. News of the sale stunned the Kolachy.

April 20, 1897 After a couple of stays from the court a refinancing plan was worked out and the church was re-mortgaged.

Some of the more well to do in the congregation were getting fed up with Fr. K’s financial mis-handling of the parish funds. There were again allegations that Fr. K was pocketing enormous funds for personal expenses. Although Fr. K countered that the parish treasurer (Franciszek Potrzuski, the wealthiest of SHM parishioners) was actually doing it. (p.150)