[Disclaimer statement] The information in this post was taken from Polish Detroit and the Kolasinski Affair by Lawrence D. Orton. In some cases the text was copied from the book, but most of it was paraphrased by me. You should not assume any information you find here is true. These are my working notes for a novel (a work of fiction) that I am writing and nothing more. If you want good, solid, well researched information on the subjects mentioned here you should get a copy of Polish Detroit and the Kolasinski Affair by Lawrence D. Orton (ISBN 0814316719 Wayne State Univ Pr (1981)). [End of statement]


January 23, 1893 The News reported that Fr. K was summoned by the church to Washington DC to meet with a supposed confident of the Pope for the purposes of reinstating the priest and his flock. It turned out to be a false report and was retracted by the paper a few days later. P.121.

July 10, 1893 Michael Lipa was born and baptized at SHM.

In the fall of 1893 Fr. K corresponds by mail with Satolli, the Pope’s confident. He restates his case, admits to some irregularities with regards to the handling of the congregation’s affairs. The Roman church is concerned because the massive church is almost completed and now has almost 5,000 families. They want an end to schismatic parishes. Satolli tells Fr. K to make every effort to remove any scandal attached to his name and forwards the paperwork to bishop Foley asking him to consider what resolution might be acceptable. Foley still insisted the only option was for Fr. K to leave and never come back. Other priests in the Detroit Archdiocese started a petition backing Foley’s postion. P.124

The church was finished in December 1893 and Fr. K announced that the dedication would be on December 24, 1893 and the ceremony would be led by Satolli or his representative.

December 22, 1893 Bishop Foley issues a denial statement to the effect that neither Satolli nor his rep will preside and anyone who appears to be such is a phony.

December 23, 1893 Fr. K appears to send and receive telegrams from Satolli.

December 24, 1893 An unseasonably warm day dawns and the new church is dedicated by one Joseph Rene Vilatte a former priest from Wisconsin who was ordained a bishop in India/Ceylon by some priests there. 5,000 parishioners attended the opening ceremony as did a large contingent of police. All drinking establishments in the Polish quarter were ordered closed in an attempt to prevent the kind of violence that happened 8 years earlier on Christmas. The bishop did the blessing with the water thing, then Fr. K said high mass. The sermon was delivered by Fr. K’s new assistant Fr. Ignacy Barszcz. A Christmas Eve mass was celebrated at midnight. The parishioners were thrilled.