Jan LIPA was the first born son of Szymon and Ludwika LIPA. Here we have his baptismal record from the St. Albertus Catholic Church baptismal registry.

Baptismal Record of Jan (John) LIPA

From this record we know that:

  • On January 26, 1886 Joannim (Latin for Jan or John) LIPA was born in Detroit, MI.
  • His father was Simon LIPA who lives in Detroit.
  • His mother was Ludwika KITRYS who lives in Detroit.
  • He was baptized on January 31, 1886.
  • His godparents were Joseph SZWABS (? not sure of the spelling) and Catharine KLATT.
  • He was baptized by the Rev. Jaworski

** A note: the mother’s name is in error. It should read Ludwika KNOT, not Ludwika KITRYS.