Ludwika (Knot) LIPA is buried at Sacred Heart of St. Mary’s Cemetery (AKA Greenwood), the parish cemetery for Sweetest Heart of Mary Church. She was buried June 3, 1912 and her grave is located at Section Cb, Row 4, Hdstn 8. The road seen been the fence is Mound Rd. in Detroit. The gravestone has held up amazingly well considering it is a west-facing stone (given to direct winds). However, it appears to be a sandstone or other “soft” stone and the inscription is getting harder and harder to read as the stone errodes with time.

Ludwika LIPA gravestone

The inscription on her gravestone reads:

Tu Spoczywa w Bogu


Ur. 13 Lipca 1857 R

Um. 30 Maja 1912 R

Prosi O Zdrowas Marya



Translated we have:

Here lies with God


Born 13th of July in the year 1857

Died 30th of May in the year 1912

Asking for a “Hail Mary”