The death certificate for Ludwika (KNOT) LIPA was issued by the State of Michigan. From it we have the following information:

  1. Place of death: City of Detroit, County of Wayne; Address: 57 Superior Street (renumbered to 559 Superior after 1920); Ward: 3; Registered number: 3752
  2. Full Name: Ludwicka Lipa
  3. Sex: Female
  4. Color or Race: white
  5. Marital Status: Married
  6. Date of Birth: July 13, 1861
  7. Age: 50 yrs, 10 mos, 12 days
  8. Occupation: Housewife
  9. Birthplace: Germany
  10. Name of Father: Simon Knot
  11. Birthplace of Father: Germany
  12. Maiden Name of Mother: unknown
  13. Birthplace of Mother: unknown
  14. The Above is True to the Best of my Knowledge: (signed) Martin J. Schmanski of 167 E. Canfield (Interment)
  15. (Seal of the Registrar)
  16. Date of Death: May 30, 1912
  17. Cause of Death: Apoplexy (there was no indication that Ludwika was treated for this condition by a doctor prior to her death, and there were no contributory causes listed either)
  18. (signed) J.W. Rothacher M.D. and dated 6/2/1912, address: Coroner
  19. Place of Burial: Greenwood, Date of Burial: June 3, 1912
  20. Undertaker: M.J. Schmanski, Detroit

Some additional notes (mine):

  • Greenwood Cemetery is AKA Sacred Heart of St. Mary Cemetery (parish cemetery for Sweetest Heart of Mary Church, Detroit).
  • The birthdate was in error. It is actually July 6, 1857 so Ludwika was actually 54 years old when she died.
  • Ludwika was born in Poland as was her mother whose maiden name was KITRYS.
  • Apoplexy is a term used to mean “stroke”.
  • Even though her formal name is listed as Ludwicka, I believe she went by the name Louise.