Ludwika Knot Birth Record

This is a photograph (from microfilm) of the birth/baptismal record of Ludwika Knot. The original record is from the parish of Nagoszyn, Poland. The records were originally from the Tarnów Diocesan Archives and were filmed in 1973 by the LDS (film #1960045). Ludwika was born at home in Bobrowa, Poland but that village doesn’t have it’s own church. Villagers belonged to the parish in Nagoszyn. The wooden church that existed at that time in Nagoszyn had been built in 1790 and dedicated to Saint Barbara. The church in Nagoszyn had been a branch church belonging to the parish of Przeclaw until 1862, when it assumed parish status in its own right. The GPS coordinates for the village of Bobrowa, Poland are: 50 07 : 21 26′
From this record we know that:

  • Ludwika was born on July 6, 1857 and baptized on July 7, 1857.
  • The family house in the village of Bobrowa where she was born was #74.
  • Ludwika was baptized Catholic and is a legitimate daughter of,
  • Father: Szymon KNOT whose occupation was “agricola” and was the son of Szczepan (Stephan) KNOT and Jadwiga (Hedwig) nee/nata LACH (ŁACH).
  • Mother: Katarzyna (Catharina) KITRYS, daughter of Tomasz (Thomas) KITRYS and Marja (Maria) nee/nata KLIVIEWICZ.
  • The attending midwife was Marja KITRYS (not sure if this was Ludwika’s mother in law or not)
  • The Godparents were Kaspar (Gaspares) ZIEBO (Ziębo), Rosalia wife/uxor of Józef (Josephi) MOMIOLA. Their occupation was “rusticus”.
  • Officiating the baptism was: Ks Joanes Bielawski.